April 9th, 2018

Notes for the Electronics Workshop


April 18th, 2018


April 16th, 2018

Class is reserved to meeting with Thomas regarding final projects.

Continue research towards Final pieces.

Ideas: Continue forward with "Nature was here"
Explore campus, document with photos, create traffic cones and caution lines.

Research Project Proposal

Take over of School vs. Nature
University of West Florida’s surrounding nature reserve

Prompt & expectations : To research the history behind University of West Florida
and it’s surrounding Nature Reserves.
Explore the lay of the land which is the campus itself and what now sits just beyond the
end of campus lines. Examine how nature has begun to take back what was rightfully hers to
begin with.

History behind the schools expansion The supposed “protected” nature reserve What the school is doing to protect the surrounding area Tiny landscapes within the campus itself Find where the school has begun to deteriorate
UWF's history:

UWF's Map:

Final Project Idea:
Use findings to create an additive piece without further destruction to the space. Wether this be through photography or …

April 2nd, 2018

Surveillance Presentation

Thomas is attending NCUR Wednesday April 4th, No Class

Date for Final Critique: May 2nd

Go over class' Research Project proposals with Thomas

March 28th, 2018

For class on Monday..

Work towards final project.

Questions on new traditionalists website... Projects> Research Project

Working towards a proposal, that will be reviewed in class.