January 22, 2018

Hardrives PC/MAC
-Other places to access tools (Lab hours, Library, Com Art lab)

(Power Point) New Media Art : Introduction

jodi.org - European artists Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans created this web-site-as-art-work

New Media- What it isn't- T & R
digital art, "computer art," "Multimedia art," and "Interactive Art" are often used interchangeably
They argue that it is faulty to look at it as a core tech and they desire...

Old Media-

New Media-
emulated darkroom

Hannah Hoch
Hugo Ball
Marcel Duchamp
Roy Lichtenstein

T & R's category of New Media
-Art and Technology and Media Art
Electronic art, Robotic art,

Project  01

Chimeras, hybrids and monsters, oh my!
Organize ideas and concepts in separate folder on google drive
11 x 17 300 dpi / 3 prints / bleed printing
Should be trimmed, ready for display and critique by February 12th
With a 1-2 paragraph statement describing both concept and technical process


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