January 29th, 2018 [Group Project]

Open Lab Hours
M, W, : 9-11am & 5-8pm
T, R, : 5-8pm
F, Sa, Su : 12-4pm

Group Project
Groups will make in-class presentation in a chosen theme.
-Collaboration and Participation
-From Appropriation to Open Source
-Corporate Parody
-Hackers and Hacktivism

Project Goals:
Encourage a peer review and learning
Articulate a style new media practice
Experience in being the leader

Group 1 Telepresence/Surveillance [March 19]
Group 2 Intervention [March 26]
Group 3 Hacker/Hacktivism [February 26]
Group 4 Corporate Parody [February 19]

Class work:
topic-Semicircular ermine

Project Advise via Thomas ; Movie Yes Man

Cameron White <cqw1@students.uwf.edu>
Brooke Hull blh51@students.uwf.edu


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