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February 28th, 2018 [Storyboard illustration]

Storyboard illustration

Create a simple story line or storyboard for Project 02

Save/Save as for each bracket page created
Link pages together with <a href="Project 02[02].html> (word you want to be linked) </a>

I have created a sort of "tell your own story" for my web design. I would like for my viewers to see simple gestured through pictures that they are able to create their own storyline from.

1. woman
2. Ground
3. Feminism hand
4. Door
5. Chess Peice
6. (...)
7. shout
8. White
9. Back to shout
10. Ocean
11. Back to White
12. Fire
13. Back to Woman
14. Black
15. Smile
16. Another door
17. Alive
18. Lungs
19. Sky
20. Eyes closed
21. Skull
22. Black

February 26th, 2018 [I-Drive/FileZilla/Index Page]

Class Presentation: Hackers and Hackevism Hackers are people who use computers to gain unauthorized access of data. Hacktivism is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system for a politically of socially motivated purpose. The individual who performs an act of hacktivism is said to be a hacktivist.
Work on HTML project 20+ pages for a design in website art Must create a story-board before working on assignment - post to both drive and blogger. 
Critique : March 19th, 2018 (Monday after springbreak)
I-Drive = Host UWF 
Local :  Where you code// Your hard drive // Before you put them up (DOWN) Always work local 
Remote : The Host// I-Drive (UP)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)  Many programs that can complete FTP - Filezilla
To check for page completion :                                                                                                     ^file name 
Index.html page…

February 19, 2018 [Animation Photoshop]

Class Notes:

How to do Animations using Photoshop:

Make sure you have timeline window open, it allows you to customize and build the animations 72 ppi is the standard for screen stuff Cmnd + 0 will make the doc fill the screen Put something on screen Chose create film animation on timeline tool to start Page with corner turned up with create a new frame Fading Dots will pull up the tween tool and can add a bunch of incremental frames in between your frames

File > scripts > load files into stack > browse to find images > select the ones you want Can load a sequence of images into photoshop and will load them into one file with each image on a new layer In timeline window, click on 3 dashes in right corner and click on match layers across frames and it will make a new frame for each layer Time for each frame is below it, can change the time they each play

Videos, create doc with same resolution File > import > video frames to layers > chose video > click make frame an…

February 21, 2018 [Brackets Styles]

The Art Gallery (TAG) at UWF presentsMichael Deas and Gregory B. Saunders 08 February - 10 MarchOpening reception 08 February 1700 - 1900

Calendar update forthcoming: 
     Issues with Calendar.. will be updated/fixed over the weekend. 


Using BRACKETS (always save as root)

CSS -Cascading Style Sheet

<body style="background-image:url(pics)">

Can write style in the head of the document  (<head> <style> ...</style>)
Can add style to the entire <body> for exampled use "{  } "
                  body{ background-color: black; color: green; }

                h1 {color:fuchsia;
                       font-family:Georgia, Arial, sans-serif;


CSS : Extern…

February, 7th 2018 [Brackets]

**Important: must be saved under a .html file** 
Example of picture insertion for website design ⇧

Example of adding background & font color for website design ⇧

Homework: make minimum of three html pages.. must be linked together, must have text, have images, and style (color especially) due. by February 14th.
Copy of root folder in "Week 05" within drive. 


It is safe to say that just about everyone living in our world understands what a Graphic Interchange Format, or GIF is and where it’s existence is found. For someone who is part of my generation, the wonderful millennia’s, we have experienced the world of GIF’s throughout our entire web surfing lives. Most, including myself, probably didn’t realize that GIF’s were revealed to the world before the world wide web was even created. Before 1996, web browsers were not strong enough to support a GIF’s capability until Netscape 2.0 was released in March of that year. This changed the “face of the internet” in just a short period of time.
This made it possible for undercover artists like Chuck Poynter who created hundreds of animations in his lifetime. Poynter among many other artists began bringing life to everything like animals, objects, and people. The possibilities were endless, just as the placement of these creations was as well. Being created from just simple software tools made maki…

February 5, 2018 [Code]

Apple application: Bracket
Website :