February 19, 2018 [Animation Photoshop]

Class Notes:

How to do Animations using Photoshop:

  • Make sure you have timeline window open, it allows you to customize and build the animations
  • 72 ppi is the standard for screen stuff
  • Cmnd + 0 will make the doc fill the screen
  • Put something on screen
  • Chose create film animation on timeline tool to start
  • Page with corner turned up with create a new frame
  • Fading Dots will pull up the tween tool and can add a bunch of incremental frames in between your frames

  • File > scripts > load files into stack > browse to find images > select the ones you want
    • Can load a sequence of images into photoshop and will load them into one file with each image on a new layer
  • In timeline window, click on 3 dashes in right corner and click on match layers across frames and it will make a new frame for each layer
  • Time for each frame is below it, can change the time they each play

  • Videos, create doc with same resolution
  • File > import > video frames to layers > chose video > click make frame animation

  • File > export > save for web > chose GIF
    • Has different compressions for the 256 limited colors and each one does different things to the colors
    • Perceptual is typically good, but can be messed up
    • Can chose the # of colors to, called 16 bit or 256 bit etc.
    • Dither - changes the way the gif transitions through the images
    • Leave transparency on so the file is smaller
    • Check your image size, you don’t need a 720p image and smaller is much faster


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