February 21, 2018 [Brackets Styles]

  • The Art Gallery (TAG) at UWF presents
    • Michael Deas and Gregory B. Saunders 08 February - 10 March
    • Opening reception 08 February 1700 - 1900

    • Calendar update forthcoming: 

         Issues with Calendar.. will be updated/fixed over the weekend. 


    Using BRACKETS (always save as root)

    • Styles

    CSS -Cascading Style Sheet

    <body style="background-image:url(pics)">

    Can write style in the head of the document  (<head> <style> ...</style>)
    Can add style to the entire <body> for exampled use "{  } "
                      body{ background-color: black; color: green; }

                    h1 {color:fuchsia;
                           font-family:Georgia, Arial, sans-serif;


    CSS : External> Internal> In-line

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="LINKED STYLES SHEET" >
                                               ex. on w3schools.com

    • Z-index: 

    Layers 2-index > 3schools.com

    New page> save to root folder (always .html)
                 background-color: rgba(0,0,212,.5)
                 width: 400px;
                 height: 300px;
                 position: absolute;
                  left: 200px;
                   top: 30%;
                  z-index: 10;
                  background-color: rgba(0,0,212,.5)
                 width: 3000px;
                 height: 800px;
                 position: absolute;
                  left: 500px;
                   bottom: 0;
                  z-index: 10;

            <div id="blue"></div>
            <div id="red"></div>


    2 kinds of organizations :
    h1- selector 
    class selector : always starts with a dot ex- .green 
    classes can be lots of items or material in the web page 
    .yellow {color: yellow;
    <p class="yellow">

    Id- #blue
    #blue{ background-color: aqua;
    <p id="blue">


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