February 28th, 2018 [Storyboard illustration]

Storyboard illustration

Create a simple story line or storyboard for Project 02

Save/Save as for each bracket page created
Link pages together with <a href="Project 02[02].html> (word you want to be linked) </a>

I have created a sort of "tell your own story" for my web design. I would like for my viewers to see simple gestured through pictures that they are able to create their own storyline from.

1. woman
2. Ground
3. Feminism hand
4. Door
5. Chess Peice
6. (...)
7. shout
8. White
9. Back to shout
10. Ocean
11. Back to White
12. Fire
13. Back to Woman
14. Black
15. Smile
16. Another door
17. Alive
18. Lungs
19. Sky
20. Eyes closed
21. Skull
22. Black


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